Penfolds set to make Napa Valley wine and Champagne

Australia’s leading wine, Penfolds, is to make a Napa Valley wine.Penfolds-Chief-Winemaker-Peter-Gago

According to Decanter magazine (Chris Mercer, July 3rd), Penfolds will be sourcing the ‘best of the best’ Napa Valley grapes from the 2018 vintage to produce wine under the legendary brand name, which is owned by Treasury Wine Estates (TWE).

Penfolds’ chief winemaker, Peter Gago, commented: ‘We are striving to add outstanding Californian-sourced wines to our offering by fiscal 2022.’

This exciting move comes on the back of Kalimna Shiraz cuttings having proven successful in the Camatta Hills Vineyards in California’s Paso Robles area in the 1990s.

Penfolds also has other expansion plans to improve their global reach via a new range of ‘Penfolds Special bottlings’, including:

• A baijiu-infused, fortified Shiraz known as Lot 518 (baiju is a traditional Chinese spirit distilled from grain)
• A 28-year-old brandy, named Lot 1990

Finally, Penfolds will also be launching a Champagne in 2019, in what will be its 175th anniversary.

Peter Gago commented further that, ‘The Penfolds winemaking team is delighted to engage in a profound expansion of our core range, while preserving Penfolds DNA and at the same time, building upon the creativity, ingenuity and boldness of our winemaking ancestry. This will broaden our base and help future-proof Penfolds.’

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