Penfolds – new arrivals

Arriving soon, we have some extremely rare, very limited availability wines from Penfolds – Australia’s premier wine producer, world renowned for its incredibly sophisticated Shiraz and Bordeaux-inspired blends.


Penfolds was founded by an English doctor (Dr Christopher Rawson Penfold), who migrated to South Australia in the mid-19th Century. Penfold had a firm belief in the medicinal value of port and sherry and began making fortified wine for his parents, and then for the wider market.

This estate ethos continued until the 1950s when Jeffrey Penfold tasked winemaker Max Schubert to cater for changing consumer tastes. Almost single-handedly Schubert (who died in 1994) lifted Australia’s wine industry out of mediocrity, primarily through the revolutionary Grange Hermitage, and has arguably been the most influential figure in the modern Australian wine industry.

Please check out our Penfolds page over the coming days and weeks for our existing range and new arrivals, including their flagship Penfolds Grange, plus extremely rare cuvées: Kalimna Block 42, Bin 60A and Bin 170 Kalimna Block 3C 2010.

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