Scarecrow – new ‘100 point’ Parker wines

Next week we are taking stock of two exceptionally rare, 100-point Robert Parker rated, Cult Napa Valley Cabernets - the 2007 and 2013 vintages from the legendary Scarecrow estate. Scarecrow is owned by Bret Lopez (whose childhood vacations were taken at his grandfather's - the great J.J. Cohn's summer home in Rutherford). Cohn, himself, was... Continue Reading →


Penfolds – new arrivals

Arriving soon, we have some extremely rare, very limited availability wines from Penfolds – Australia’s premier wine producer, world renowned for its incredibly sophisticated Shiraz and Bordeaux-inspired blends. Penfolds was founded by an English doctor (Dr Christopher Rawson Penfold), who migrated to South Australia in the mid-19th Century. Penfold had a firm belief in the... Continue Reading →

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